Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dibrugarh University - Business Communication 2008

1.       a) Define communication. Give the reasons for the growing importance of communication.
b) Write what you understand by the following (any two):                                                                                                          
i)        Audience-centered approach
ii)       Downward communication
iii)     Feedback

2.       a) List some barriers to effective communication.
b) How can the following help in developing effective communication skills? (any two):
i)        Group discussion
ii)       Mock interview
iii)     Seminar

3.       a) What are the stages in writing a business letter? What are the essential qualities of a good business letter?
b) Imagine you are a Marketing Manager working for Progressive Educational Publishing House, New Delhi. Your firm has recently published a book entitled ‘Accountancy – Theory and Practice’. Write a letter to the Head of the Department of Accountancy of the college Dibrugarh University highlighting the features of the book.

4.        a) The Human Resource Manager of Ashok Cement Plant had been asked by the Managing Director of the plant to prepare a report on the causes behind a recent incident of labour unrest. Imagine you are the HR Manager and Prepare a report based on your findings and recommendations.
b) What are the factors to be kept in mind while making an oral presentation? What qualities should a successful sales person possess?                                                                                                                                                                                                             

5.       a) “A large multinational company requires sales executive. Candidates should possess MBA or equivalent degree with at least two years experience. Age should not exceed 28 years. Attractive salary and benefits commensurate with ability offered. Bright prospects for right candidates. Apply within two weeks to P.O. Box No. 5230, New Delhi.”
          Write an application in response to the above advertisement which has appeared in ‘Eastern Times’ dated 21st February, 2008. Also, attach a resume in the proper format incorporating your personal details, etc.
b) Write briefly on (any two):                                                                                                                                                    
i)        Preparations for an interview
ii)       Fax and e-mail
iii)     Importance of effective listening