Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dibrugarh University - Principle of Business management 2008 (Speciality)

1. “Managerial functions are not universal. They are determined by environmental variables”. Comment.  

Trace the history of management thought. Indicate the names of four important contributors and their contributions towards it.                                                         

2. What do you mean by planning premises? Describe the important planning premises.


Write a note on developing strategies as a step in the process of planning. Outline the strategic planning process.                                                                                                                           

3. Distinguish clearly between the two concepts of organizations –         
                i) Organisations as a structure and
                ii) Organisations as a process.
Discuss the factors favoring decentralization. What are the determinants of decentralizations?      

4. Describe the two factors theory of work motivation advocated by Herzberg. Compare it with Maslow’s need theory.


What is leadership? Discuss the situation theory of leadership.                 

5. What are the basic social obligations of management? Do they conflict with the profit objective?

Explain the relation between planning and control. What are the essentials of effective control?