Friday, July 13, 2012

Dibrugarh University - M.Com (Previous Year) - 104

Cource  No.COM-104
Entrepreneurship  Development
Block-I: Introduction  to Entrepreneur  and  Entrepreneurship .
                Unit-I: Entrepreneur  and  Entrepreneurship: This  unit  explains  the  definition  of entrepreneur   and  entrepreneurship.
                Unit-II:  Entrepreneur in small   firms: Deals  with what is an entrepreneur  and  entrepreneurs  in  practice  in  small firms.
                Unit-III: Differences: Shows  the difference  entrepreneur and  enterprise  and  entrepreneurs  and  managers.
Block-2: Entrepreneurial  Qualities   and  Traits, Competencies, Views  and  Theories
                Unit –I: Qualities, Traits and Competencies: Deals with the  qualities and  traits of an entrepreneur and  the  entrepreneurial  competencies  of an   entrepreneur.
                Unit-II:  Views  on  Entrepreneurship: Explain   the  different  views  on  entrepreneurship  put  forwarded by  Schumpeter, Walker and  Drucker.
                Unit-III: Entrepreneurial  Theories: This unit  discusses the theories  of  entrepreneurial  supply  and  the theory  of  invisible cost  or the theory  of transaction  cost.
Block-3:  Opportunity  Analysis
                Unit-I: Business opportunities: Highlights  on  identifying  and  evaluating  business   opportunities, project  identification  and  classification, funds for  starting a business and how  to approach  a leading  institution for  a term  loan .
                Unit-II:  Institution assisting  entrepreneurs: Various  institutions  assisting  entrepreneurs are  put forwarded in this unit, such as the  national small  industries  cooperation Ltd; small industries  development, national institute  of small industry  extension  training etc.
                Unit-III: Marketing: This unit covers the multiple aspects of distribution  marketing  decision making in large companies, marketing \ entrepreneurial decision –making in small  firms and marketing practices in small firms.
Block-4: Entrepreneurship  Development  programmes
                Unit-I: Entrepreneurship Development  programme   Deals  with  introduction of  EDPs and module of existing  EDPs
                unit-II: content and  coverage of EDPs Deals with  content  and process of existing  EDPs  and the coverage of the potential  target group.
                Unit-III: Strategies  and Approaches Explains the nature of enterprising  activities and the various  Strategies and  approaches for  EDPs.
Block-5: Entrepreneurship Development  with  special  reference to North East
                Unit-I: Entrepreneurship and Economic development  covering  entrepreneurship and  economic development; factors  impeding  the growth  of Entrepreneurship ;how to encoverage  entrepreneurship, Suggested reading s ; various  Report  relating to North- East.
                Unit-II: Reference of Entrepreneurship to the  North East. Brief  profile of North East, social and  institutional issues, entrepreneurship development and  EDPs, thrust  areas, prospects, possible SSI.


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