Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dibrugarh University - Semester I - Business Environment

Total Marks: 100 (End Sem 80 + IA 20)
Unit-I: Theoretical Frame Work:
Concept, Signification and nature of business environment; Environmental scanning, Element of business environment- Internal and External; SWOT analysis- concept, Signification and techniques, Changing dimension of business environment in India.

Unit-II: Economic environment:
Significance and element of economic environment; Business cycle- concept phases and features
Economic growth – concept and hindrance, Industrial sickness- definition causes effect (to be studied with special reference to NE India).
Unit-III: government policy and legal environment:
Industry policy of India since 1991; Salient Feature, Collaboration in the light of recent change Monopolies and restrictive Trade practices Act (MRTP), Export Import policy (Exim policy), Special Economic Zone (SEZ), Salient feature of government, India’s Industrial policy for the north East (Latest policy).

 Unit-IV: Monetary policy, money market and capital market:
Monetary policy-meaning objective and credit control tools, Money market-meaning constituents and function.
Unit-V: International business Environment:
International and Economic Grouping and institutions: GATT, WTO World Bank, IMF, SAFTA, their Importance to India, The policy of globalization and its Impact on Indian trade and Industry.

Text and Reference Books: 
1. Cherunilam Francis: Business Environment, Himalaya Publishing House, New Delhi.
2. Aswathappa K: Essentials of Business Environment, Himalaya Publishing House, New Delhi.
3. HL Ahuja: Economic Environment of Business, S. Chand and Company Ltd., New Delhi.
4. P. Bezborah and Ranjit Singh, Business Environment, Kalyani Publishers.