Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dibrugarh University - Semester I - Business Regulatory Framework

Total Marks: 100 (End Sem 80 + IA 20)
Unit-I: Law of contract 1872:
Definition and Nature
Void and Voidable contract
Contingent contract and Quasi contract

Unit-II: Sale of good Act 1930:

Unit-III: Negotiable Act 1881:

Unit-IV: Consumer protection Act 1986:

Unit-V: Foreign Exchange Management Act:
Definition and provisions.

Text and Reference Books:
1. Desai TR: Indian Contract Act., Sale of goods act and Partnership Act, SC Sarkar & Sons Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.
2. Sing Avtar: The Principles of Mercantile Laws, Eastern book Company, Lucknow.
3. Khergamwala JS: The Negotiable Instruments Act, NM Tripathi Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.