Sunday, July 22, 2012

Dibrugarh University - Semester II - Business Economics

Total Marks: 100 (End Sem 80 + IA 20)
UNIT-I: Introduction to Business Economics:
Meaning, nature, Scope, characteristics of Business Economics; Relationship between Business Economics and Traditional Economics; Basic Problems of an economic system, working of price mechanism.
UNIT-II: Elasticity of Demand:
Concepts; Measurements; Determining factors and importance; Supply theory.
UNIT-III: Production function:
Law of Variable proportion; lsoquant; Economic region and optimum factor combination; Expansion path; Returns to scale; Internal and external economics and diseconomies.
UNIT-IV: Market Structure:
Objectives of Business firms; Perfect competition: profit minimization and equilibrium of firm and industry, Short – run and long – run supply Curves, Price and output determination.
UNIT-V: Monopoly:
Determination of price under monopoly; Perfect competition and monopoly; price discrimination. Oligopoly: characteristics; determining pricing and output; price leadership collasive oligopoloy; kinked demand curve.