Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Guwahati University - Semester II

203: Principles of Management
Marks: 80
1) Development of management thought; Introduction, scientific management, principles of management (Henri Fayol), theories of management – pre-scientific management era, scientific management era, human relation era (1930-1950), social science era.
2) Brief history of management thought: Modern management thought: Contribution of P. F. Drucker, H. Simon, T. Peters and M. Porter.
1) Planning: Introduction; definition, significance, limitations, principles, process, types, strategies (objectives, goals, policies, procedures, methods rules), planning premises, MBO-features, process, benefits and problems.
2) Decision making: Introduction, definition, characteristics, process, principles, problems, types, approaches.
3) Forecasting: Meaning, definition, features, process, elements, importance, areas of forecasting, techniques/ methods, advantages, limitations, differences between forecasting and planning.
1) Types of organization: Introduction, line/ functional/ line & staff, their characteristics, advantages, disadvantages and suitability, project organization, matrix organization.
2) Departmentation: Introduction, definition, process, need, basis of Departmentation, types of Departmentation, advantages and disadvantages.
3) Span of management: Introduction, meaning, factors, Graicunas theory.
4) Authority and responsibility: Introduction, definition, characteristics, sources, formal authority, limits of authority, responsibility, delegation – advantages/ problems, steps, pre requisites and principles.
1) Motivation : Introduction, meaning, definition, nature, characteristics, need, importance, elements, theories– Maslow, McGregor, Herzberg and Ouchi, financial and non financial incentives, carrot and stick approach, contingency approach.
2) Leadership: Introduction, characteristics, importance, qualities, styles, techniques.
3) Communication: Introduction, definition, characteristics, importance, factors, barriers, process, classification, methods, channels, types.
a. Managerial Control & Management of Management of Change
b. Managerial Control: Concept & techniques of control.
c. Management of Changes 1 & 3 above.
Suggested Books:
1. Essentials of Management –Harold Koontz/Heinch Weihrich
2. Management Concept & Practice –Manmohan Prasad
3. Principles of Management –George. R. Terry
4. Principles of Management –Dr. Neeru Vasishth
5. Management Principles & Practice-Dr. M. Sakthivel Murugan.
6. Principles of Management –Dr. S. Sarkar, Shands & Gupta Sarkar
7. Principles and Practice of Management –L.M. Prasad –Sultan Chand & Sons.