Friday, October 12, 2012

M.Com.1.1 Organization Theory and Behavior

            1. Organizational Theory: Evolution of Classical, Neo-Classical, System and Contingency theories of Organization, Informal Organization, Bureaucratic structure, Project and Matrix Organization.

2. Organizational Behaviour: Nature and Scope, Models of organizational behavior, significance of special, psychological and social factors for understanding organization behavior, significance of Culture to organizations.

3. Individual Behaviour : Personality, T.A, Perception and learning, Theoretical and Empirical foundations of Maslow, Herzberg, Mcgregor, Likert, Vroom, Mc-Clleland, Portor and lawler, Chris Argyris and Adams Models of Motivation.

4.Group Dynamics: Leadership-Theories and styles, Small group and inter-group behavior, Management of Conflicts, Morale and Productivity.

5.Change Management : Organizational Change, Adaptation, growth and Development : Organizational Effectiveness – Various approaches to O.E,  Q.W.L, Power and Politics in organization.

1.       Rao VSP & Narayana P.S: Organization Theory & Behaviour
2.       Aswathapa K: Organizational Behaviour Text & Cases
3.       Newstromjoh & Keith Davis: Organizational Behaviour – Human Behaviour at work
4.       Robin Stephen P.:  Organizational Behaviour – Concepts, Controversies, Applications.
5.       Reviewed  R.S.:  Human Relations and Organizational Behaviour
6.       Prasad L.M.: Organizational Behaviour