Friday, October 12, 2012


1.       Nature and Scope of Managerial Economics: Objective of a firm, Economic Theory and managerial theory, Managerial Economist's role and responsibilities; fundamental economic concepts – incremental principle, opportunity cost principle, discounting principle, equi-marginal principle.

2.       Demand Analysis: Individual and market demand functions: Law of demand, determinants of demand: Elasticity of demand – its meaning and importance, Price elasticity, Income Elasticity and Cross Elasticity; using elasticity in managerial decisions. Cardinal utility approach, Indifference approach, revealed preference and theory of consumer choice under risk; Demand estimation for major consumer durable and non-durable products; Demand forecasting techniques.

3.       Production Theory : Production function – with one and two variable inputs ; Stages of production ; Economies of scale; Estimation of production function; Cost theory and estimation; Economic value analysis; Short and long run cost functions – their nature, shape and inter-relationship; Law of variable proportions; Laws of returns to scale.

4.       Price Determination under Different Market Conditions: Characteristics of different market structures; Price determination and firm’s equilibrium in short – run and long under perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly and monopoly. Price discrimination, International price discrimination, dumping; Transfer pricing.

5.       Business Cycles : Nature and phases of a business cycle; Theories of business cycles-psychological, profit, monetary, innovation, cobweb,  Samuelson and Hicks Theories, Inflation; Definition, characteristics and types; Inflation in terms of demand – pull and cost-push factors; Effects of inflation.

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