Friday, October 12, 2012


1.       Introduction: Concept, Nature, scope and importance of marketing; marketing concepts and its evolution; marketing mix; strategic marketing planning- an overview. Marketing environment - macro and micro components and their impact on marketing decisions; market segmentation and positioning.

2.       Buyer Behaviour:  Consumer versus organizational buyers; consumer decision making process. Meaning and scope of marketing research; Marketing research process.

3.       Product and Pricing Decisions : Concept of a product; classification of products; major product decisions; product line and product mix; Branding; Packaging and Labeling; Product life cycle – strategic implications; New product development and consumer adaptation process. Factors affecting price determination; Pricing policies and strategies; Discounts and rebates.

4.       Promotion decisions and logistics management : Nature, functions and types of distribution channels; distribution channel intermediaries; Channel management decisions; retailing and wholesaling, Promotion mix- advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, publicity and public relations; Determining advertising budget; Copy designing and its testing; Media selection, Advertising effectiveness; Sales Promotion – tools and techniques.

5.       Issues and Developments in Marketing: Social, ethical and legal aspects of marketing; marketing of services; International marketing; Green marketing; Cyber marketing; Relationship marketing and other developments in marketing.

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