Sunday, March 17, 2013

Dibrugarh University - Principle of Business Management' 2011 (General)

Q.N.1. Describe in brief the evolution of management thought, discuss the importance of management.                                                                                                                                                                
Discuss the classical theories of management. Enlist managerial  roles as forwarded by Henry Mintzberg.                                                                                                  10+4=14

Q.N.2. What are the basic steps to be taken into account for formulating a strategic plan? Explain. Write the advantages of strategic planning in modern business.
“basically a manager takes three types of decision in three different situations.” What are the three decision and three situations mentioned above? Discuss.

Q.N.3. Evaluate the importance of informal organisation in management of a big business .write the difference between centralization and decentalisation.
Give the concept of modern theory of organisation. Mention the limitation of line organisation.

Q.N.4. What is motivation? Enumerate the assumptions of McGregor theory x and y about motivation.
Define leadership. Discuss likert’ four management system about leadership.

Q.N.5. Describe the essentials of effective control system. Justify the relationship between planning and controlling.
Write short notes on :
a)      Social responsibility of business
b)      Management of change