Friday, July 19, 2013

Dibrugarh University - Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship' 2012 (Old Course)

1.  (a) Write briefly on the emergence of entrepreneurship class.
(b) Write briefly on the theories of entrepreneurship ship.

2.  (a) State the importance of external environment analysis for an entrepreneur.
(b) Define three different sources of venture capital for an entrepreneur.

3.  (a) What are the factors would you consider for identifying entrepreneurial behavior ?
(b) Give the observations from entrepreneurial behavior and psychological theories.

4.  (a) Elucidate the role of Government in organizing Entrepreneurial Development Programmes.
(b) Explain the role and relevance of an Entrepreneurial Development Programme (EDP).

5.  (a) Justify that growth of entrepreneurship can bring about social stability.

(b) Justify that entrepreneurship can foster balanced regional development of industries.