Friday, July 19, 2013

Dibrugarh University - IT and Its applications in Business' 2012 (Old Course)

1.  (a) What is mean by Information Technology? Explain its features and impact on business.


(b) Explain the impact of Information Technology on educational environment and social fabric.

2.  (a) (i) Explain the different number systems we have.
(ii) Why are binary numbers used in computer?
(iii) Write briefly on ASCII.


(b) Differentiate between primary and secondary memories. Describe some of the storage used in computer.

3.  (a) What is software? What are its different types? Describe the functions of Operating system.


(b) What is meant by network topology? Discuss the different topologies used in computer network.

4.  (a) What is database system? What are its components? Describe the following terms in connection with database system taking an example of a sample database file :
     (i) Field
     (ii) Sorting of records
     (iii) Indexing of records
     (iv) Linking of data files

(b) What are the different menu bars that can be opened in MS-Word? Discuss the advantages of the worksheet.

5.  (a) Discuss  briefly the history of internet. What is meant by protocol? Explain the different protocols used in internet.
(b) Discuss how EDI works. What are the benefits of using EDI? Explain.