Tuesday, December 31, 2013

UGC - NET: Answer Key Dec'2013 (Commerce Paper II)

UGC – NET: Answer Key Dec’ 2013 Exam
Commerce: Paper II

Q.1. (C) RBI

Q.2. (B) (iii)         (iv)         (i)            (ii)

Q.3. (c) Environmental Protection

Q.4. (A) WTO

Q.5. (A) Newspaper Industry                   ???????

Q.6. (A) Taking Care of Future Losses

Q.7. (D) Interest on Loan

Q.8. (c) C’s A/c is debited for Rs. 3000

Q.9. (D) None of the above

Q.10. (D) All of the above

Q.11. (c) Deals with tools of economics used for decision making in business

Q.12. (c) (i)          (iii)          (ii)           (iv)

Q.13. (B) (A) is true, but (R) is false

Q.14. (A)              ?????????????????

Q.15. (A) (ii)        (iii)          (i)            (iv)

Q.16. (B) (iv)       (iii)          (i)            (ii)

Q. 17. (B) The law of statistical regularity

Q.18. (B) Positively-skewed Distribution

Q.19. (C) Geometric mean

Q.20. (D) None of the above       ?????????????????

Q.21. (B) (iii)       (iv)         (ii)           (i)

Q.22. (c) Question Mark

Q.23. (C) Brainstorming

Q.24. (B) Need for Security

Q.25. (C) 9.1 Management

Q.26. (D) Socially – Responsible Marketing

Q.27. (A) The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940       ?????????????????

Q.28. (C) Market

Q.29. (B) Four P’s of marketing                                  ????????????????

Q.30. (c) Social Class or (D) Income                           ????????????????

Q.31. (D) Absence of Taxes

Q.32. (C) Debt Service Coverage Ratio

Q.33. (A) Capital Asset Pricing Model

Q.34. (D) Market risk premium for the firm

Q.35. (D) Leverage Analysis                                         ?????????????????

Q.36. (A) William Ouchi

Q.37. (D) None of the above

Q.38. (D) (i),(ii),(iii),(iv),(v)

Q.39. (C) The Peter Principle

Q.40. (A) Both (A)  and (R) are correct, and (R) is the right explanation of (A)

Q.41. (B) (iv)       (iii)          (ii)           (i)

Q.42. (C) (i),(ii),(iii) and (vi)

Q.43. (A) Inter Bank Advances

Q.44. (B) (ii)        (i)            (iii)

Q.45. (A) (i), (ii) and (iii)                 ???????????????

Q.46. (c) (iii)        (i)            (iv)         (ii)

Q.47. (D) Sectoral Disequibilirium

Q.48. (B) Arbitrageurs

Q.49. (C) Both (A) and (R) are correct

Q.50. (c) Geocentric Firm