Wednesday, January 01, 2014

UGC - NET: Answer Key Dec' 2013 Exam (Commerce Paper III)


Q.1. (D) (i),(ii),(iv) and (vi)

Q.2. (C) Medical Negligence

Q.3. (A) (i), (ii) and (iii)

Q.4. (D) (ii), (iii),(iv) and (v)          ?????????????????

Q.5. (D) (i),(ii),(iv) and (v)

Q.6. (D) (i),(ii) and (iii)

Q.7. (D) Both (A) and (C)

Q.8. (B) No effect on the consolidated balance sheeet

Q.9. (A) HR Accounting                  ?????????????????

Q.10. (A) Attainable standard

Q.11. (D) All of the above

Q.12. (D) (c)        (d)          (a)          (b)

Q.13. (B) (A) is correct, but (R) is wrong

Q.14. (A) Both (A) and (R) are correct

Q.15. (D) (iii)       (iv)         (ii)           (i)

Q. 16. (A) Cross elasticity of demand

Q.17. (A) 200 and 200

Q.18. (D) All the above conditions are fulfilled    ?????????

Q.19. (D) All of the above                             ????????????

Q.20. (B) Normal Goods

Q.21.(C) e= infinity

Q.22. (A) 6

Q.23. (A) (A) are (R) are correct

Q.24. (C) 8.14                     ????????????????

Q.25. (B) 26422

Q.26. (B) C,B and A

Q.27. (C) “chi-square” test

Q.28. (D) test of significance of difference between two sample proportion (one tail test)

Q.29. (D) Both (A) and (B)

Q. 30. (B) Force = valence x expectancy

Q.31. (D) 1.9 Management Grid

Q.32. (B) Cash cow

Q.33.(B) (i), (ii),(iii),(iv),(v)                            ????????????

Q.34. (B) (ii),(iii),(iv),(i)

Q.35. (A) (ii) and (iii) are correct

Q.36. (D) Cultural Factors

Q.37. (D) Maturity

Q.38. (A) Inventory                                         ?????????????

Q.39. (C) The standards of weights and measures Act, 1976

Q.40. (D) Gathering Market Information

Q.41. (D) Objectives and tasks method

Q.42. (D) (d),(a),(c),(b)

Q.43. (A) 1 and 4

Q.44. (C) Modified internal rate of returns method

Q.45. (C) Corporate Risk Analysis

Q.46. (C) Profitability                                      ???????????????

Q.47. (B) Both (A) and (R) are correct

Q.48. (B) Both (A) and (R) are incorrect

Q.49. (D) MM model

Q.50. (C) Ethical and Moral Values

Q.51. (C) Both the statements (I) and (II) are correct

Q.52. (D) (b)       (a)          (d)          (c)

Q.53. (A) Both (A) and (R) are correct, and (R) is the right explanation of (A)

Q.54. (B) The Factories Act, 1948

Q.55. (B) All the statements are correct

Q.56. (B) (d)       (c)           (b)          (a)

Q.57. (A) (A) and (R) are correct

Q.58. (D)(i),(iii),(iv)and (vi)

Q.59.(D) National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development

Q.60. (C) Personal Identification Number

Q.61. (B) January 01, 1949

Q.62. (C) Reconstruction of the company or amalgamation with other bank

Q.63. (C) (d)       (c)           (b)          (a)

Q.64. (A)(i), (ii),(iii) and (v)                           ???????????????

Q.65. (B) (R) is related with (A)

Q.66. (A) (i),(ii),(iii)                                          ???????????????

Q.67. (A) (R) does explain (A)                     ????????????

Q.68. (D) (d)       (c)           (b)          (a)

Q.69. (A) (R) is a correct explation of (A)

Q.70. (C)(i),(ii),(iv),(v)

Q.71. (C) 72000

Q.72. (B) (d)       (a)          (b)          (c)

Q.73. (C) Deduction for interest on loan taken for the construction /purchase of house property

Q.74. (D) 41600                 (I think some thing wrong in this question)

Q.75. (B) Individual and HUf