Friday, April 18, 2014

Dibrugarh University (2nd Semester) - Principles of Business Management Important Questions and Answers

Principles of Management Important Questions for May’ 2017 Exam (For both Old and New course)

Unit 1
Q. Describe in brief the evolution of management thought. Discuss the importance of management.
Q. Discuss the classical and neo-classical theories of management. Make a comparative study between classical and neo-classical theory.
Q. Discuss the contribution made by F.W. Taylor and Henry Fayol to the growth of management thoughts. Describe the fundamental differences between the contribution of Henry Fayol and F. W. Taylor.
Q. Discuss the “System Approach”  and “Contingency approach” of Management.
Q. Write short notes on:
Ø  Levels of Management
Ø  Scope of Management
Ø  Nature of management

Unit 2
Q. Explain the Concept of Planning. What are its importance? Mention the essential features of a good plan.
Q. What do you mean by Management by Objectives? What are its features? What are the essential conditions for successful implementation of Management by objective?
Q. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of Management by Objectives.
Q. What is strategic planning? Describe the essential steps to formulate strategic planning.
Q. Explain in brief the Concept of Decision making. What are the various techniques of decision making? Explain them.
Q. Write short notes on:
Ø  Process of Planning
Ø  MBO Process
Ø  Advantages of planning
Ø  Disadvantages of planning
Ø  Principles of Planning

Unit 3
Q. Define span of management. Discuss the factors determining the span of management.
Q. Explain the concept of organizing. Explain its importance. Distinguish between centralization and decentralization.
Q. What is Departmentation? What are the various basis for departmentation? Discuss the factors which are to be considered in choosing a suitable form of Departmentation.
Q. Write a brief note on various types of organisation structure.
Q. Write Short notes on:
Ø  Line organisation vs. Staff organisation
Ø  Formal vs. Informal organisation
Ø  Departmentation
Ø  Organisation Process

Unit 4 (Part A)
Q. Define Leadership. Mention essential qualities for Leadership.
Q. What is motivation? Explain its nature and importance.
Q. Mention the essential characteristics of Leadership. Discuss Likert’s four management system about leadership.
Q. Write short notes on:
Ø  Maslow theory of Motivation
Ø  Herzberg theory of Motivation
Ø  McGregor theory of Motivation
Ø  Maslow Vs Herzberg theory of motivation

Unit 4 (Part B)
Q. Discuss the Traditional and Modern techniques of Managerial Control.
Q. Explain the meaning of Controlling. Mention its nature. What are its advantages and disadvantages?
Q. Justify the Relationship between Planning and Controlling. Also distinguish between Planning and Controlling.
Q. Write short notes on:
Ø  Steps in Controlling
Ø  Essentials of effective control system