Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dibrugarh University (6th Semester) - International Business Important Questions and Answers

Unit 1
Q. What do you mean by International or Foreign trade? What are its features? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of foreign trade.
Q. Explain the importance of foreign trade in a developing country like India. Mention the problems faced by foreign trade with special reference to country like India.
Q. Write a note on Commodity composition of India’s export and Import.
Q. Write a note on India’s foreign trade in global context.
Q. Write short notes on:
Ø  Types of foreign trade
Ø  Domestic trade vs. International trade

Unit 2
Q. Discuss the various stages in Export trade and Import trade.
Q. What are the documents specifically used in Export and Import trade? Explain them briefly.
Q. What do you mean by Exchange Control? What are its objectives? Discuss the various methods for Exchange control.
Q. Write a brief note on organisation support provided by various body and institutions for the development of foreign trade.

Unit 3
Q. Explain the various export incentive scheme initiated by the Govt. of India.
Q. Explain the role of commercial banks in foreign trade.
Q. What is ECGC? Write a note on the organisation, management, capital structure and functions of ECGC.
Q. Write short notes on:
Ø  Deferred payment system
Ø  Exim Bank
Ø  Duty drawback
Ø  Export credit insurance

Unit 4
Q. Explain Export Promotion Council with examples. What are its functions?
Q. What do you know about various Commodity Board in India? Explain their functions.
Q. Explain the role of specific service institutions in export promotion.
Q. What do you mean by Export Processing Zone? What is its importance?
Q. What do you mean by SEZ? Explain its importance? Distinguish between SEZ and EOU.
Q. Write short notes on:
Ø  Export and Trading House
Ø  State trading organisations
Ø  Export Processing Zones
Unit 5
Q. What do you mean by joint venture and joint venture abroad? Explain the advantages and disadvantages of entering into Joint Venture abroad.
Q. Explain Bilateralism and Multilateralism in the context of International trade.
Q. Write short notes on:
Ø  Modes of Joint venture abroad
Ø  Conditions to invest in joint venture using automatic route


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