Thursday, May 15, 2014

Dibrugarh University (6th Semester General) - Small Business Management Important Questions and Answers

Unit 1
Q. Define a Micro Enterprise in Indian Context. What are its characteristics? Write the rationale behind Micro Enterprises.
Q. Write a brief note on features of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006.
Q. Define a Small Enterprise in Indian Context. What are its characteristics? Write the rationale behind Small Enterprises.
Q. Explain the Industrial Policy of the government of India towards promotion and management of Micro and Small Enterprises in North East India.
Q. Write Short Notes on:
Ø  NEIIPP 2007
Ø  Relationship between Large and Small Enterprises
Ø  Types of Micro Enterprises
Ø  Types of Small Enterprises

Unit 2
Q. What do you mean by Plant Location? What is the importance of Plant Location for a small enterprise? Point out the important factors which an entrepreneur should consider to determine the plant location of a plant.
Q. What is Plant Layout? What is the importance of Plant Layout? Point out the major objectives of Plant Layout.
Q. What is Production Planning and Control? What are its objectives? Point out various stages in Production Planning and Control.
Q. What is Quality Control? Mention its objectives. Discuss its importance and point out its major advantages.
Q. What is technical know-how? What is its importance? Write a brief note on government initiatives for technological up-gradation of small manufacturing enterprises.
Q. Write short notes on:
Ø  Production Management
Ø  Operation Management
Ø  Production Management vs. Operation Management

Unit 3
Q. What is Working Capital? What are its importance? Explain its role in Small Business Enterprise.
Q. What are various types of Working Capital? Point Out the various factors that influence the size of working capital.
Q. Explain the various sources of fixed and working capital of Small business enterprises.
Q. What is fixed capital? Discuss the major steps involved in management of fixed capital of a small business enterprise.
Q. Write short notes on:
Ø  National Small Industries Corporation
Ø  Gross working Capital Vs. Net working Capital
Ø  Operating Cycle

Unit 4
Q. Define Marketing. Discuss the marketing problems faced by the small and micro enterprises in India.
Q. What is Sales Promotion? What are its various types? Explain different types of Salesmen with their characteristics.
Q. What do you mean by channels of distribution? Explain the different types of channels used by the small business enterprises for various products including ancillarization.
Q. What is Marketing Information System? What are its components? Explain its functions and advantages.
Q. Write short notes on:
Ø  Market Segmentation
Ø  Market Research
Ø  Marketing Mix
Ø  Brand vs. Trade mark
Ø  Advertising

Unit 5
Q. What is Industrial Sickness? What are the symptoms of Sickness in Micro and Small Enterprises? State its various causes.
Q. What is idle capacity of a Plant? How does it differ from installed capacity? Examine the major reasons behind existence of idle capacity in Micro and Small Enterprises.
Q. What do you mean by under-utilization of an industrial unit? What are its effect? Give some valid suggestions to improve the extent of capacity utilization by the industrial units operating in the North Eastern Region of India.
Q. Point out some Preventive and Curative measures against sickness in Micro and Small Enterprises in India.
Q. Write short notes on:
Ø  Idle Capacity

Ø  Capacity utilization and under utilization


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