Sunday, May 18, 2014

Proposals, Its Types and Report vs. Proposals

A Proposal can be defined as an offer document presented to undertake work affecting the future of an organisation. Usually a proposal is given for any additions or amendments to be incorporated within a business framework. Proposals are also tools of communication but in a different sense. They do not just give the facts but also a probable solution to a particular problem or situation. They can be written to people within or outside an organisation.

Types of Proposals
Proposals can be classified into two types: Sales Proposal and Research Proposals
Sales Proposals are written with the aim of bringing gains for the proposing organisation. Such kind of proposals are also known as business proposals. Sales proposals need to be creative in order to make a mark on their target audience. Research proposals are of an academic nature.

Proposals can be further classified into two types, viz. Solicited and Unsolicited.

Solicited Proposals are those which are asked for by the management or authorities. They can be internal or external, depending on their subject. These kind of proposals usually face a lot of competition. Unsolicited proposals are given by individuals or companies on their own. These may be form internal or external sources. They form a major part of sales technique in various sectors.

Report vs. Proposals

1. A report is nearly always solicited.
2. It is an official means of giving information.
3. It concerns the past.
4. It is just a statement.
5. It need not be convincing.
6. It does not await a decision.
7. It does not need the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) formula.
1.    A Proposal can be either solicited or unsolicited.
2.    It is a sales device/or a tool for suggestion.
3.    It concerns the future.
4.    It is a request for action.
5.    It has to be convincing.
6.    Its success lies in a favourable decision.
7.    It is based on the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) formula.