Monday, February 23, 2015

Dibrugarh University - Semester II - Business Communication II (New Syllabus)

Course No. 201 
(For B.Com.General And Six Speciality Courses )
Marks: 80
Hours: 40

Objective: The objective of this course is to develop effective business communication skills among the students.

Course Contents:

Unit I: Report Writing: Introduction to a proposal, short report and formal report, report preparation.  20: 10 hrs

Unit II: Oral Presentation: Principles of oral presentation, factors affecting presentation, sales presentation, training presentation, conducting surveys, speeches to motivate, effective presentation skills.                  20: 10 hrs

Unit III: Non Verbal Aspects of Communicating Body Language: Kinesics,  Proxemics, Para language, Effective listening, Principles of effective listening; Factors listening exercises; Oral, Written and Video session.                       20: 10 hrs

Unit IV: Interviewing Skills: Appearing in interviews; Conducting interviews; Writing resume and letter of application.     20: 10 hrs

Text and Reference Books:
1. Balasubramanyum: Business Communication; Vikash Publishing House, Delhi.
2. Kaul: Business Communication: Prentice Hall, New Delhi.
3. Kaul: Effective Business Communication; Prentice Hall, New Delhi.
4. Bezborah, P. & Mahanta K., Business Communication, Kalyani Publisher.
5. Bovee : Business Communication Essential, Pearson, New Delhi.

6. Chaturbedi/Chaturvedi: Fundamentals of Business Communication, Pearson, New Delhi.