Monday, February 23, 2015

Dibrugarh University - Semester II - Principles of Business Management (New Syllabus)

Course No. 204 
(For B.Com (General) And Six Speciality Programmes)
Marks: 80
Hours: 40

Objective: This course familiarises the students with the basis of Principles of Management.

Course Contents:

UNIT I: Concept of management; development of management thought; classical and neo- classical systems; Systems Approach, contingency approaches.                                       20: 10 hrs

UNIT II: Concept of planning; importance of planning; features of a good plan. Decision making- concept and techniques of decision making; Management by objectives-features, process, advantages and limitations;                       20: 10 hrs

UNIT III: Organizing-meaning, nature, process and significance; span of management, organization structure-its importance, departmentation, types of organization structure.                                                 20: 10 hrs

UNIT IV: Motivation and leading people at work: Motivation- Concept and theories- Maslow, Herzberg ,McGregor. Leadership- Concept, Qualities of a leader, leadership styles. Managerial control: concepts and process.                               20: 10 hrs

Text and Reference Books:
1.Drucker Peter F: Management Challenges for the 21st Century; Butterwerth Heinemann, Oxford.
2.Louis A. Allen: Management and Organization, MC Graw Hill, Tokyo.
3.Kalwar M.C. & Pathak R.K., Principles of Business Management, Avilekh Publication and Production, UPABAN, Guwahati.
4.Bhat Anil & Kumar Arya: Management, Principles, Process and Practices, Oxford University Press, New Delhi.
5.Bhattacharyya: Principles of Management, Pearson, New Delhi.
6.Kaul: Business Organisation and Management: Text and Cases, Pearson, New Delhi.

7. Bose: Organisation and Management, New Central Book Agency, Hyderabad.