Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Conducting Survey

Conducting Survey and its Principles
In business world, surveys and research are conducted for various aspects like economic, social and sometime political. Surveys are useful in examining certain facts and in finding out solutions to various problems. With the help of survey, we can know what a cross section of people think about a topic in question or what are their preferences or opinion about a given topic.
A survey is generally done for presenting informative sales presentation or writing report. The main purpose of conducting a survey is either to substantiate the perceived facts or to know the new facts for a large group of people called respondents to elicit their options. A questionnaire is a written list of question that people fill out. It is the easiest way to collect option.  Surveys are useful only when they are reliable and valid. A survey is reliable if it produces identical results when repeated. Certain guidelines for preparing questionnaire for conducting such a reliable and valid survey are listed below:
a.       Provide clear instructions: Respondents need to know exactly how to fill out the questionnaire.
b.      Keep the questionnaire short and easy to answer: Ask only questions that are relevant to research and easy to answer.
c.       Formulate questions that provide easy tabulated or analysed answers: Remember numbers and facts are easier to summarise than opinions.

d.      Avoid leading questions: Question that lead to a particular answer bias survey.
e.      Ask only one thing at a time: Compound questions should not be asked.
f.        Pretest the questionnaire: Questionnaire should be pretested and questions which can lead to ambiguous answers should be avoided.