Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Effective Presentation Skill

Effective Presentation
Presentation can be defined as a formal event characterized by teamwork and use of audio-visual aids. The main purpose of presentation is to give information, to persuade the audience to act and to create goodwill. A good presentation should have a good subject matter, should match with the objective, should best fit the audience, and should be well organized.
Essentials or Characteristics of a Good/Effective Presentation
1)      The presentation ideas should be well adapted to audience. Relating presentation message/idea to the interests of the audience is necessary. A detailed audience analysis must be made before the presentation.
2)      A good presentation should be concise and should be focused on the topic. It should not move off-track.
3)      A good presentation should have the potential to convey the required information.

5)      The fear should be transformed into positive energy during the presentation. Be calm and relaxed while giving a presentation.
6)      To communicate the desired information, the speaker should use more of visual aids such as transparencies, diagrams, pictures, charts, etc. Each transparency/slide should contain limited and essential information only. No slide should be kept on for a longer time.

7)      A good presentation must be planned. The speaker must plan how to begin the presentation, what to speak in the middle of presentation and how to end the presentation without losing audience interests at any point of time.
8)      Rehearse and practice the presentation. This will help the speaker to be more confident and self-assured. The more the speaker rehearses the better the presentation turns to be.
9)      The speaker should encourage more questions from the audience. He should be honest enough to answer those questions. If any biased question is put forth by the audience, rearticulate it before answering.
10)   Summarize the presentation at the end. Give final comments. Leave a positive impact upon the audience.
11)   The speaker must have a presentable appearance while giving a presentation. He must use confident gestures. He must use short and simple words.
12)   Try to gain and maintain audience interest by using positive quotes, humour, or remarkable fact.
13)   The speaker must be affirmative and optimistic before giving presentation. He should ensure all tools and equipment's to be used in presentation are working well.
14)   The speaker must state the objectives of the presentation at beginning of the presentation.