Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Preparation by Candidates before appearing for Interview

Interviewee’s preparation for the interview
Before commence of Interview
a.       The interviewee should be dressed formally, and not casually. Have a pleasing appearance as the candidate’s personality is a significant part of the communication.
2)      Always carry an extra CV, a notepad to write on, a pen, and all essential things required in an interview.
3)      Practice, practice and practice in advance. Prepare and rehearse for the unexpected also.
4)      Research a lot about the organization for which you are being interviewed.
5)      Be punctual. Try reaching before time for the job interview.
6)      Know the habits and hobbies of interviewer and think over them thoroughly.
7)      Anticipate the possible questions related with the job and subject and prepare them properly.
8)      Regain confidence before entering the interview room
Interviewee’s conduct during interview
9)      Greet the interview board with polite wish.
10)   Sit in natural way when asked to sit.
11)   Be courteous and sophisticated during an interview.
12)   Avoid looking funny or too serious.

13)   Just “be yourself”. Do not boast about yourself. The interviewer is smart enough to judge the candidate’s intelligence and aptness for the job.
14)   Pay attention to the questions asked by interviewer and respond them naturally and consciously.
15)   Answer in brief and to the point.
16)   Answer the questions specifically, truly and undoubtedly. If you do not know, admit it politely.
17)   Do not indulge in a fight or argument with the interviewer.
18)   Do not make negative statements or comments about your past employer.
19)   Your body language should be positive during the interview, i.e., maintain an eye-to-eye contact with the interviewer, sit in well balanced and confident posture, do not lean on the table, do not yawn, smile when appropriate, etc.
20)   Thank the interviewers at the end and move out the interview room in confident manner.
21)   As soon as the interview gets over, pen down the name of the interviewer, your strengths and weaknesses, answers to questions raised by you during the interview and the feedback of the interviewer.