Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Visual Aids in Communication

Use of visuals aids in communication
Visual aids are one of the important part of business communication. They are used to show something for conveying the message and are supplementary to key words. These aids are helpful to improve readability and physical appearance of report. Different visual aids such as graphs, pictures, tables. Etc are used to show something.
The advantages of visual aids in communication are:
a)      Time saving: with the help of visual aids, message can be communicated quickly.
b)      Quick understanding: With the help of visual aids, receiver can understand the message sharply. This wil save time and energy of communicator.
c)       Long time memory: Through pictures or visuals aids, message remains in human memory for a long period.
The disadvantages of visual aids in communication are:
a)      Reguisites: It requires more professional skills.
b)      Unsuitability: It can convey only elementary ideas. It is not suitable for complex and complicated ideas.
However, following guidelines for effective visuals are important:

a)      There should be proper selection of graphics for the data and for objectives of the passages.
b)      The visual aids should brign overall understanding of subject matter.
c)       There should be accurate depiction of data.
d)      The visual aids should be simple and easy to understand.
e)      There should be proper balance of words and visuals.
f)       The placement of visuals should be made close to points they Illustrate.