Sunday, June 14, 2015

IGNOU - ECO:01 (Business Organisation) Selected Questions and Study Plan for Upcoming Exam

Term-End Examination: June’2015 Selected Questions
Time: 2 hours Maximum Marks: 50 (Weightage 70%)
Note: Attempt both Part-A and Part-B.
Part – A Consists of Short notes and difference
Part – B consists of 5 to 6 which out of which you have to attempt only 3 questions.
You are advised to select must study section.
Study short notes and difference from each block.
Further you can take risk by avoiding dec’ 2014 questions.

Block 1: (15 to 20 Marks expected from this block)
1. What is business? What are its essential features? Distinguish between business, profession and employment.
2. What is trade? Mention various aids to trade?
3. Write short notes on Trade, Commerce, Business and Industry (four to five lines)
4. What is a joint stock company? Explain as to how it overcomes the limitations of partnership form of organisation.
5. What is Partnership? Mention its features.
6. What is Cooperative organisation? Mention its merits and limitations.
7. What are the requisites of an ideal form of business organisation?
8. Explain the factors that determine the choice of the form of business organisation.
9. Mention various types of promoters (two lines each). Distinguish between entrepreneur and promoter.
10. Who is an Entrepreneur? What are his essential characteristics? Explain at least five functions of entrepreneur.

11. Write short notes on:
Ø  Sole trade vs Partnership
Ø  Public company and Private Company
Ø  Partnership Deed
Ø  Economic and non-economic activities

Block 2: Two Questions are expected from this block (Must Study)
1. What is capital structure? Discuss various factors to be kept in mind while deciding capital structure of the company.
2. What are various sources of Long-term finance and short term finance for a company? Explain the merits and demerits of one the sources in each case.
3. What is stock exchange? Explain its functions.
4. Explain the procedure of exporting goods from India.
5. Explain the procedure of importing goods in India.
6. Explain the merits and demerits of foreign trade.
7. Write short notes on:
Ø  Margin trading in stock exchange
Ø  Speculation
Ø  Public Deposits
Ø  Equity vs Preference shares
Ø  Owned capital and Borrowed capital
Block 3: One to Two Questions are expected from this block (Must Study)
1. What is advertising? What are its various types? Mention its advantages and limitations.
2. Explain the advantages and limitations of various advertising media.
3. What are the services provided by Wholesaler and retailer? (Importance)
4. What are various channels for distribution of goods? Explain them briefly.
5. Why different channels are used for different products?
6. What are the factors affecting selection of distribution channels?
7. Write short notes on:
Ø  Chain Store
Ø  Departmental Store

Block 4: Two Questions are expected from this block
1. What is a business risk? Explain the process of risk management. Describe various types of business risks.
2. 'All business risks are not insurable'. In the light of this statement, explain insurable risks and non-insurable risks.
3. What is insurance? Discuss the general principles of insurance.
4. Distinguish between Life insurance and other insurance
5. Define the term "Banker". Explain briefly the functions of a modem commercial bank.
6. "The relation between a banker and customer is primarily that of a debtor and creditor". Discuss.
7. Discuss various ways in which a commercial bank renders financial assistance to business.
8. Write short notes on:
Ø  Importance of Transport
Ø  Bonded warehouse and general warehouse
Ø  Bill of lading
9. Distinguish between:
Ø  Pledge and Hypothecation
Ø  Hypothecation and Mortgage.
Ø  Loan and Overdraft
Ø  Cash Credit and Overdraft

Block 5: Two Questions Expected from this Block
1. What is Public Utility Undertaking? Mention its distinctive features.
2. Do you advocate private ownership and management of public utility undertakings? If so, why?
3. What is meant by Public Corporation? Mention its four features. Discuss its merits and demerits.
4. What is meant by Government Company? Mention its four features. Discuss its merits and demerits.
5. What is Public Enterprises? Mention its objectives and Features.
6. What are the advantages and limitations of Public Enterprises?
7. Why does the government participate directly in business?
8. Write short notes on:
Ø  Distinguish between Government Company and Non-Government Company
Ø  Monopolistic Position of Public Utility Undertaking
Ø  Problems faced by public utility undertaking
Ø  Pricing policy of public utility undertaking