Tuesday, July 21, 2015

AHSEC Class 12 Question Paper: Business Studies' 2013

Full Marks: 100
Pass Marks: 30
Time: 3 hours

1. Answer the following questions :1*10=10
a)      Which plan states ‘one plan, one boss’ and ‘one head one plan’?

b)      What do you mean by disinvestment?

c)       A company is manufacturing cosmetics, readymade garments, toilet items and biscuits. What kind of organization structure is suitable for this company?

d)      Give two example of non-financial incentives.

e)      What types of instruments are traded in the money market?

f)       Name the four p’s of marketing mix.

g)      Which function of management ensures that actual activities conform to planned activities?

AHSEC - 12: Staffing Important Notes for Feb' 2018 Exam

Unit – 6: Staffing
Objective Questions (1 Mark):
1. Which function of management helps in obtaining right people and putting them on the right jobs?
Ans:  Staffing.
2. Name the process concerned with searching for prospective candidates for vacant job position.         2012
Ans:  Recruitment
3. What is job description?
Ans: It is the document describing task, responsibilities and relation of one job with other job.
4. What is job specification?
Ans: It refers to the process of streamlining the attributes of a person required to do a job.
5. What is pre-requisite to selection?
Ans: The pre-requisite to selection is recruitment.
6. Mention the elements of staffing in appropriate sequence.                  2009
Ans: 1. Recruitment 2. Selection 3. Placement.
7. State one limitation of incorrect placement.
Ans: Wastage of material, time, effort and energy, resulting in lower productivity and poor quality of product, unsatisfaction among the employees.

AHSEC - 12: Directing Important Notes for Feb' 2018 Exam

Unit – 7: Directing
1. Define the term ‘Directing’.
Ans: Directing is telling the people what to do and seeing that they do it in best of their ability. This function of management is concerned with guiding the employees in the organisation to achieve organisational goal.
2. State the elements of Directing.                          2009, 2012, 2015
Ans: Supervision, leadership, Motivation and communication. (Details are given below)
3. State features of Directing.
Ans:  a) It initiates action b) It is a continuous function c) It flows from top to bottom d) It is performance oriented e) It is a universal/pervasive function.
4. What is a motive?
Ans: Motive is an inner state or desire which energizes an individual to move or behave towards achievement of goal.
5. State two features of Leadership.
Ans: a) Leadership indicates the ability of an individual to influence others. b) Leadership tries to bring a change in the behaviour.
6. State the form of communication where official talks take place.
Ans: Formal communication.