Thursday, August 17, 2017

Dibrugarh University Question Papers: Alternative English (November' 2016)

2016 (November)
Course: 302
(Alternative English)
The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions
Full Marks: 80
Pass Marks: 32 (Backlog)/24 (2014 onwards)
Time: 3 hours
(Business Communication)
Unit - I
1. (a) Write a letter to Messers Computer Point, Panbazar, Guwahati complaining that the laptop you had purchased from them is not functioning properly.                                                             8
(b) You plan to visit Shillong this winter with your friends. Write a letter to the Manager of Hotel Pinewood, Police Bazaar, Shillong for accommodation for you and your friends for two days.                                                          8
2. Write an essay on any one of the following:                                    10

a)      Rio Olympics.
b)      India after seventy years of Independence.
c)       Disaster management – the need of the day.
d)      Internet – its uses and abuses.
e)      Television advertisements.
Unit – II
3. (a) Prepare a business report on the types of mobile phone device used by the students of your college. (Use XYZ as the name of your college.)                                  8
(b) Prepare a feasibility report on the project for setting up of a paper mill in Dibrugarh district.                                 8
4. (a) Prepare a note on the weather condition of Mumbai for the week analyzing the data given in the table below:

Month (July, 2016)
Maximum temperature (in Fahrenheit)
Minimum temperature
Humidity (%)
1.2 mm
    (b) Study the table below and answer the questions that follow:
Population (in Millions)
Net food grain production (in million tonnes)
Food grain (Kg/person)

                     i.            What is the difference in food grain production between 1971 and 1981?                      1
                   ii.            Why is per person food grain availability marginal despite substantial increase in the food grain production?                                                                                                                                                                                                 1
                  iii.            What is the proportional increase in the food grain production between 1971 and 1991?                        1
5. (a) You are Rajesh Dahal/Ravina Pator, the Manager, Excel Consultancy, Palton Bazaar, Guwahati. Write a memo directing the members of your staff to file their income-tax returns before the deadline you have set for them.                    4
    (b) What is memo? Mention its uses.                                                 4

6. Give very brief answer to the following (any five):                                       1x5=5
a)      What does Sri Aurobindo mean by the term ‘Tamasic’?
b)      Name the book from which On Original Thinking is extracted.
c)       In which State of India was J. Krishnamurthy born?
d)      Who was the mentor of J. Krishnamurthy?
e)      Which is the first film by Satyajit Ray?
f)       Name the book from which the essay, Film Making is extracted.
7. Answer any three of the following:                                                     5x3=15
a)      “They ask us, indeed, to abandon authority, to revolt against custom and superstition, to have free and enlightened minds.” What does Sri Aurobindo mean by this?
b)      How, according to Sri Aurobindo, can the youth of India save their country?
c)       How does J. Krishnamurthy explain what true education is in the essay, The Function of Education?
d)      “To live is to find out for yourself what is true, and you can do this only when there is freedom, when there is continuous revolution inwardly, within yourself.” Explain.
e)      How does Satyajit Ray react to the question of ‘influence’?
8. Answer any five of the following very briefly:                                                                1x5=5
a)      Which country does J. M. Coetzee belong to?
b)      In which year was Coetzee awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature?
c)       What is the full name of V. S. Naipaul?
d)      What was Naipaul’s father by profession?
e)      Which out of these three novels, is written by Amitav Ghosh – Midnight’s Children, The Circle of Reason, The Suitable Boy?
f)       Who is Mya Than Tint?
9. Answer any three of the following:                                                     5x3=15
a)      Summarize the boy’s opinion of his father as a cricketer.
b)      What does the author mean when he says, “Cricket is not a game. It is the truth of life.”?
c)       Describe the status of the author’s father in the extended family.
d)      Give an account of the author’s life at Chaguanas.
e)      What is the attitude of the author’s relative to books? Is it reflective of the middle class attitude to books?

f)       Give a detailed description of the type of books kept in the bookcases in author’s grandfather’s house in Calcutta. 


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